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OMG LIVE JOURNAL! [25 Jun 2008|12:30am]
supp? lol
it's been a while yess i know but i use myspace now!
i just remembered all this stuff my live journal name my freakin xanga lol crazy
but my myspace is


i write there alot.
anyways iunno what to write haha
soo thats about it

ill update you all soon =]
baby you wouldn't last

LIFE! as of 3-11-2007 [11 Mar 2007|03:11pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Is pretty fucking fantatsic! haha
I know I haven't written in here in SO long but i just decided to keep everyone who still reads this updated on my life and shit like that.
So lets start talking about me!!!

School is moving along nicely and i got rid of some old friends that i needed to get rid of and I couldn't be happier with my choices. Christina was just way to immature and just straight up stupid for me i couldn't be friends with a girl like her anymore.

Me and Cliff don't talk at all anymore. why? because he doesn't trust himself around me. Somewhere in the back of his mind he still wanted to be with me but couldn't do so because of his gf so basicaly he cut off all communication with me because of that. I'm glad he did because somewhere in the back of my mind too i still wanted to be with him. But not anymore
The guy i'm with now i think is the guy i was meant to be with . we are both goofy as hell..he's so much fun to be around he's adorable as fuck my sister gets along with him and he's just over all amazing.  The little things he does just makes me feel like i'm special to him..holding my hand while he's driving..kisses on the cheek...on the forehead..on my hand..walks at night in the park.mouth farts on my face lol i really like him..it's not love yet but i can see it getting there eventually.

Although with him i'm becomming the girl i've always hated..the clingy attached gf type of girls lol i seriously need to get away from doing that because i'm not that type of girl at all...hopefully we'll see where things go with stephen and I.

Tim and I have become somewhat friends again..it's a slow process but at least we can talk and call each other now..I think I like it because so far it has been better than the last. We both have changed so much over the months and I think this is a pretty good thing so far.

I AM MOVING! to arlington to be exact. I've always wanted to live there and now I finally get too IF i get this job i've applied for which I hope that I do.

HUGE changes are ahead and I couldn't be more excited about where my life is headed.
I'll be sure to keep you all updated though!

OH and here are some pics of the new hair.

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yep [09 Feb 2007|11:08am]



baby you wouldn't last

heeeeey it's been a while hah [29 Jan 2007|07:54pm]
[ mood | happy ]

yaahhhhh i'm still alive just haven't posted in a journal in FOREVERRRR not even xanga haha
but . alot of things have been going on lately

so lets start with the bad.
the bad thing is i'm still in love with someone that I shouldn't be in love with because i know he no longer loves me.Yeah it hurts to sit here and watch him move on and talk to him like i'm okay with it but hey i'll get over it and i'll soon realize me and him can never be together again.
On Febuary 16th i go and have surgery. I'm really looking forward to that just because of the medication haha. so I guess that's a good and bad thing. After I get done with the surgery i'm getting braces and I hear that shit hurts like hell lol.

the other bad thing is i can't find a fucking job anywhere haha . I'm trying to move out before my 20th birthday which is june 20th. so wish me luck everyone

now some gooood things.
i'm losing weight strangley fast lol i don't know how but i am and i like it.
i'm getting snakebites pretty soon so i'm excited about that.
i'll be going to college pretty soon and i can't fucking wait for that! my mom doesn't want to open her wings and let me go but oh well she'll get over it.

now love life stuff.
i dated a christian guy. like a majorly hardcore christian guy. i felt uncomfortable with him like i couldn't be myself.
he didn't drink. didn't smoke. didn't like my music he was the total oppisite of me. so we broke up.
BUT it was a good thing because now i'm dating the most wonderful guy ever.
His name is Josh and he makes me feel unlike anything i've ever felt before. just talking to people about him puts the biggest smile on my face. i'm really starting to fall for him and i hope this last for a while

anyways thats about it for meeee i'll try to update this alot more often.

leave me wonderful comments peopleeeee

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man oh man so much to say [11 Jul 2006|05:17am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

well where do i stratt hah hi to everyone who still reads this! i know i haven't updated in a longg long time but its okay. I'm still alive and stuff.
well I'm single now. I'm thinking I will be for a while and that kind of bothers me but than again i'm willing to accept the fact.
I just hope soon i find my special someone.

me and Cliff don't talk anymore. he basically told me to fuck off and die and that was the end of that. he's moved on and has a girlfriend now, yes that quickly so i'm happy for him.. I think.

I started to talk to this guy named Josh and we really liked each other so last saturday I went to see his band Coloring fate play. but there was some people there that didn't like me. Those people where his best friends so Josh just kept his distance and talked to me at least 5 times throughout the entire night. I asked him about that and he says it's because he was trying to talk to all the people who came out to see them. I think it's because of those bitches that were there but I don't care anymore. That also made me lose intrest in him. so yeah.

That same night! my other friend trey and ryan's band was playing. Farewell yesterday. and that whole entire night the band hung out with me and my friend, Christina. They talked to everyone but they took us with them when they did it. me and trey joked around with each other and did stupid shit and stupid dances with each other and talked to each other damn near the entire night. even though they were also in the band not once did they not talk to me and thats what I thought josh would do but I was wrong. me and trey surprisingly hit it off as soon as we started talking hah. we were already joking around with each other as soon as we saw each other. it was great and i never thought in a million years i'd be attracted to another black guy but trey is totally different. he isn't your typical gangsta thug black guyy. he likes hardcore music and has guauges and screams/sings in a band and stuff like that and all in all we have alot more in common than me and josh. I want a relationship with trey but I haven't talked to him about that just yet. but who knows what the future has in stored.

on the other hand. salvador has came back into the picture. Salvador is this guy i was talking too that i almost started to date but he literally got mad at me cause i didn't give him good directions to my house? he had anger problems at the moment so lots of things were said that he didn't mean. so he sends me a message on myspace the other day apologizing to me and wanting me to come back into his life. i was a bit iffy on the whole thing and he was just saying how he missed talking to me. he expalined all the anger issue stuff and everything is worked out. so i don't know whats going to happen with that either.

i know for a fact that I want to date trey because he's just so much fun to be around. i just don't know if he see's me as " girlfriend material" i really hope that he does though

so thats the things thats going on in the guy department of my life hah

here are some things thats happing to me in general
i still don't have a job but i am looking because i really need to move out.
i'm 19 now yay hah
and my hair is different see pictures below. other than that not much is going on right now

i just thought i would update for those of you who still use/ read live journal hah 

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peeekturess [05 Jan 2006|10:58pm]
[ mood | content ]

EMO Pics XcoreCollapse )

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I knew it... [03 Dec 2004|12:37am]
[ mood | awake ]

goth guys are love
brought to you by the isLove Generator
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Friends Only [15 May 2004|12:17am]

Friends Only! Comment to be added!
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